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Self Refilling Multichannel Reservoir

Temperated reservoir for multichannel pipetting heads 96/384 and Span-8 with small footprint
self refilling reservoir with pressurized bottleself refilling reservoir with pressurized bottle
self refilling reservoir with pressurized bottle
self refilling reservoir with removable reservoir for 384 channel head
self refilling reservoir
self refilling reservoir
self refilling reservoir


Automated processes often require the use of large quantities of reagent. The reagent reservoir with a large amount of reagent should take up little space on deck of liquid handling robot. The entire reagent volume should be available. These demands are realised by the self refilling multichannel reservoir.

The reservoir is automatically refilled up to define customized level after aspiration step. It is designed for pipetting with 96/384 channel head. Cooling/heating of the reagent is optional. The reservoir is combined with a pressurized bottle of any size.


  • For pipetting with single and 96/384 multichannel heads and Span-8
  • Expands the on deck reservoir capacity
  • Disposable low dead volume 384 polypropylene reservoire with microtiterplate footprint, autoclavable ( cat-nr. 1064-05-7, )
  • gravimetric sensing of the liquid height in the reservoir, adjustable
  • Refilling by switched air pressure
  • Temperable via circulating liquid chiller/heater (not included at delivery)
  • Includes available sbs format position to place labware on top and to lid
  • Complete liquid handler integration developed for Biomek series NXp, FXp, i5 and i7 from Beckman Coulter Inc
  • Can be adapted to other liquid handler
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