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4x250ml Reservoir, cooled/uncooled

Non temperated/temperated 4x250ml reservoir down to -20°C with small footprint (SBS)
4 exchangable individual reservoirs4 exchangable individual reservoirs, uncooled
4 exchangable individual reservoirs
4x250ml exchangable reservoirs, temperated
4 exchangable individual reservoirs, cooled and lidded


Automated processes on liquid handling robots often require the use of temperated, large quantities of reagents on the deck of a liquid handler. The deck area is often limited. A small footprint for several reservoirs with large volume is the solution.


This reservoir holds 4 troughs with 250ml reagent each. Cooling/heating of the reagent is optional.

  • Single channel to 8 channel access
  • Individual interchangeable 250ml reservoirs
  • Tempering down to -20 ° C, optional
  • Temperated by circulating heater / chiller (not included, unistat huber is recommended)
  • Independent exchangeable reservoir troughs, each 250ml volume
  • lidded with option as microtiterplate stand
  • Anodized aluminum (ALTEF) with high chemical compatibility , autoclavable
  • Complete liquid handler integration

The 4x250ml reservoir is a custom device developed to allow handling on Biomek series with Span-8. The module can be modified for other liquid handling robots on request.

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