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Positive Pressure X-Well Extractor

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) with constant pressure on liquid handler
Positive Pressure X-well Extractor, standalonePositive Pressure X-well Extractor, standalone
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Positive Pressure X-well Extractor, standalone
Positive Pressure X-well Extractor on Biomek NXp, front view
Positive Pressure X-well Extractor on deck of Tecan Freedom
Adapter for filter columns
Positive Pressure X-well Extractor on Biomek NXp, assembling
Positive Pressure X-well Extractor on Biomek NXp, Biomek method step

Purpose of Positive Pressure X-Well Extractor

Up to now vacuum manifold stations or centrifugation are used for automated purification/extraction on liquid handling robots. The disadvantages of vacuum are sealing problems, pressure difference not more than 1 bar and loss of vacuum if some wells of the plate or some columns are empty. More difficult to automation and long extraction times are the disadvantages of centrifugation.

The Positive Pressure X-Well Extractor was developed to use pressure of max. 100 psig (approx. 7 bar) for

  • Solid Phase Extraction e.g. for DNA-Extraction
  • Solid Phase Purification e.g. SOLA SPE cartridges/plates
  • Sample Preparation e.g. MADI TOF
  • Diafiltration/Ultrafiltration and buffer exchange e.g. Amicon Ultra or D-Tube from Millipore, Vivaspin from Sartorius without centrifugation
  • Steril filtration

The same restricted pressure to every of the X-independent ports provides reproducible analyte recoveries and a uniform extraction. Constant pressure is maintained in each of the cavities, even if not all of the well positions or columns are filled. Therefore a delimited part of a filter plate or filter column plate can be processed. This ensures the striking advantages compared to traditional vacuum manifold processing. Furthermore the driving force up to 100 psig for filtration is 6 times stronger than vacuum.

Positive Pressure X-Well Extractor standalone or integrated in liquid handling robots

The extractor can be used as standalone device or integrated on deck of liquid handling robots. Various adapters allow the use of filter plates and filter columns of various formats. The extractor is self-adjusting to labware height.

The slide tray platform is automatically positioned between the load position in landscape format and the pressure position. The pressure position is enclosed to ensure the safety of operator. Filter plates, adapters with filter columns or elution plates are placed onto the loading position by i.e. a liquid handling robot or simply by hand. For washing processes a liquid waste container is integrated

For automated processing the liquid handler transfers samples and wash solutions to filter plates or filter columns and reassembles the manifold for placing the elution plate under the filter plate or column adapter. The Positive Pressure X-Well Extractor can be controlled by software of liquid handling robots.

Feature of Positive Pressure X-Well Extractor:

  • can be used as stand alone extractor or integrated in robotic systems
  • integration on deck of liquid handling robots needs besides the area for loading position an additional position for reassembling the manifold.
  • various adapters allow the use of filter plates (e.g. 12 - 384 well plate) and filter columns of various formats
  • the extractor is self-adjusting to labware heiht
  • a delimited part of a filter plate or column filter adapter can be processed without masking
  • allows gas pressure of max. 100 psig up (approx. 7 bar) for flow control of liquids of various viscosities. Compressed nitrogen or dry air are the recommended pressure sources
  • for filter washing a liquid waste container is integrated. Wash liquid flows by gravitational force or by use of vacuum (optional).
  • two versions are offered:
    - basic version, controlled via digital I/O, pressure and flow values are manually adjustable
    - advanced version; pressure and flow are controlled by software module, this provides smooth and high flow control on i.e. variable viscosity samples

Positive Pressure X-Well Extractor is a custom device developed to allow handling on Biomek Series NX, FX, i5 and i7 and Tecan Evo. The module can be modified for other liquid handling robots on request.

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