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High Volume Liquid Exchange Station

Fast medium exchange and resuspension of cells in tubes using e.g. 15ml or 50ml tubes on liquid handling robots.
Station integrated in Biomek NXpStation integrated in Biomek NXp
Station integrated in Biomek NXp
High Volume Liquid dispense station integrated in Biomek NXp, side view 2
Rack with 6 x 50ml Falcon tubes


Medium exchange in 20ml or 50ml Falcon tubes whilst antibody production and cell proliferation requires handling of of large volumes on liquid handling robots. The station allows the rapid dispension and aspiration of temperated fluids into and out of large volume tubes, e.g. washing of cells pellets in 50ml Falcon tubes whilst antibody production. In addition, the washed cell pellets are resuspensed after medium exchange.


The station consists of a dispense/aspirate modul with 3 dispense channels and 1 aspirate channel, a shaker and a customized rack for 6 pieces of 50ml Falcon tubes. The shaker has attached sleeves for the temperature control of the 6 Falcon tubes. The rack design permits the automated transport of the rack into and out of a centifuge to create cell pellets and the transport to the shaker for medium exchange and resuspension of cell pellets. Three liquid dispense channels can be used for medium exchange.


  • Multiple needle dispenser
  • 3 dispense channels, peristaltic pump driven
  • 1 aspiration channel
  • Integrated active wash for needles
  • Integrated tube rack shaker
  • Dispense while shaking
  • Follow liquid level supported

The station is a custom device developed to allow handling on Biomek NX Span-8 and FX Span-8. The module can be modified for other liquid handling robots on request.

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