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Rapid prototyping 3D print of models

CAD design and 3D printing on your demand
Rapid prototyping, 3D Print of modelsRapid prototyping, 3D Print of models


Models of various materials are manufactured using 3D printing technology. Using this technology we can provide you with cost efficient real usable models before using advanced and more costly and time consuming production methods like CNC milling. In some instances a printed model is even sufficent as a final solution to a specific need, or to perform a proof of concept.


We will print your CAD Design as a service, so you to have a costly rapid prototyping unit yourself. Talk to us and find out about our competitive pricing. We can also "give life" to your models with electronics and eletromechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics- and of course produce the final product if you need precision manufacture (low volumes only) .

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