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Workstation Peeler / Dispenser / Sealer

Workstation with low cost robot, stacker/incubator, Peeler, Dispenser and Sealer for automated processing of microtiter plates.
Example: Workstation with Cytomat6001, 2 x Multidrop Combi and Stacker -2Example: Workstation with Cytomat6001, 2 x Multidrop Combi and Stacker -2

This workstation allows to automate a  microtiter plate MTP handling or logistics processes Peeling - Dispensing - Sealing in a simple and inexpensive way. The pictures shows an example: the combination of a incubator with two Multidrop Combi as well as the combination of a stacker with two Multidrop Combi.

  • a variety of peelers like Nexus XPeel, HJ Robopeel etc can be used
  • a variety of dispensers like redd and whyte Preddator , Multidrop 384 , Multidrop Combi, Biotek Elx 406
  • either heat or adhesive sealers can be used such as Agilent PlateLoc, Thermo ALPS3000 , The wasp , HJ Roboseal ...
  • a variety of plate storage options like passive Stackers, active stackers , Cytomates, Hotels , caroussels, plate lifts can be used

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need another combination of devices or additional readers, incubators etc..

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