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8-fold Reactor for Chemical Synthesis

For catalyst testing, process development and optimization of pressure syntheses
8-fold Reactor for Chemical Synthesis8-fold Reactor for Chemical Synthesis-large


For catalyst testing, process development and optimization of pressure syntheses. In the process, the reaction conditions can be exactly adjusted to ensure excellent reproducibility. Up to eight reactors can be individually charged with pressure for testing different process conditions. The temperature is controlled by an external circulation thermostat up to 150°C. The pressure range reaches up to 150 bar, and the stirring speed can be up to 1.000 rpm. The parameters can be set manually and the consumption and temperature during the reaction can be read off directly with the Windows software interface. A planning editor is available for the optimal test design of automatic procedures. With one software module, up to three reactor lines can be actuated so that 24 different pressures and three different temperatures can be set simultaneously.


  • Individually adjustable reactor pressures (up to 150 bar)
  • Reaction tracking with continuous pressure measurement
  • Temperatures up to 150°C
  • Integrated magnetic stirrer
  • Reaction volume of 1-3 ml per reactor
  • Standardized connections for reaction and inert gas, vacuum and compressed air
  • Evacuation, data logging and automated processes


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