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Corning RoboFlask Flip Device

Automated handling of RoboFlask on liquid handlers
Corning Roboflask Flip DeviceCorning Roboflask Flip Device-1
Corning Roboflask Flip Device
Corning Roboflask Flip Device


Corning RoboFlasks are used for cell culturing. The flask have to be rotated vertically for medium exchange and cell harvesting on liquid handling robots. The customized device enables the automated cell culture with the RoboFlask.


  • For processing of Corning RoboFlask on a liquid handlers
  • For one or two flasks
  • needs the footprint of a microtiter plate
  • Pneumatically operated

The custom device was developed to allow handling on Biomek series with Span-8. The module can be modified for other liquid handling robots on request.

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