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Tilting Labware Holder

Gentle medium exchange and complete cell harvesting
Tilting Labware HolderTilting Labware Holder
Tilting Labware Holder
Tilting Labware Holder with 6 well plate
Tilting Labware Holder with 6 well plate

Purpose of Tilting Labware Holder

Automated medium exchanges for cells in microtiter plates requires the complete gentle suction of the old medium and gentle addition of fresh medium without hurting the cell layer. The favoured method is to tild the microtiterplates. In addition tilting is also nessecary to harvest the cells completely. The holder can be integrated on deck of a liquid handling robot to automate the cell feeding and harvesting.


  • Safe aspiration and dispension of cell plates
  • Complete exchange of medium in cell plates
  • Operated pneumatically
  • Complete liquid handler integration
  • tilting angle adjustable manually

The custom device was developed to allow handling on Biomek series i5, i7,  NXp Span-8 and FXp Span-8. The device can be modified for other liquid handling robots on request.

Installation requirements

  • device controller
  • pneumatic pressure approx. 4 bar (max. 7 bar)