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Self Refilling Quarter Reservoir

Independent temperated reservoir for 4 reagents on small footprint for liquid handlers.
self refilling 4 chambers reservoirself refilling 4 chambers reservoir, model
self refilling 4 chambers reservoir
self refilling 4 chambers reservoir


Automated processes often require the use of large quantities of reagents on the deck of a liquid handler. Frequently, large amounts of various reagents are required for different reagents on a small footprint. The reservoirs are automatically refilled up to defined level after aspiration step. The modul is developed for 4 reagents. The 4 chamber reservoir is combined with 4 pressurized bottles of any size. Cooling/heating of the reagents is optional.


  • Four reservoirs on one sbs footprint
  • For pipetting with single to eight pipetting heads
  • Expands the on deck reservoir capacity
  • Disposable polypropylene reservoirs, autoclavable
  • Ultrasonic sensing of the liquid height in each of the 4 reservoir
  • Liquid height in each reservoir adjustable
  • Temperable via circulating liquid chiller/heater (not included at delivery)
  • Refilling by switched air pressure
  • Complete liquid handler integration
  • developed for Biomek NXp, FXp, i5 and i7 from Beckman Coulter Inc
  • can be adapted to other liquid handler
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