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Inert Gas Bath

Exclusion of oxygen or humidity entry in labware whilst sample transfer and sealing
Inert gas bath on Biomek FXpInert gas bath on Biomek FXp
Inert gas bath on Biomek FXp
Inert gas bath on Biomek FXp with LHS Sealer from Remp
Inert gas bath on Biomek FXp, top view

Purpose of Inert Gas Bath

Compounds and reagents in microtiterplates and reservoires often have to be protected against entry of atmospheric oxygen or humidity for automated processes. The bath has several positions for labware and reservoirs and is flooded with inert gas. A inert gas flooded tube to CSP- or LHS-sealer from Brooks (formerly Remp) is integrated. The module is ideal for production of compound plates and storage plates e.g. STBR plates under inert gas atmosphere. In combination with 96/384_Channel Inert Gas Dispensing Head (see our products) 96/384 microtiterplates can be flooded actively with inert gas.


  • inert gas flooded labware tray with attaches tube to CSP- or LHS-sealer
  • pipetting with single channel or multichannel heads
  • Custom specific options integrable
  • Complete liquid handler integration

The bath was developed originally for coupling with sealer and to allow handling on Biomek series. The device can be modified for other liquid handling robots on request.