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96/384_Channel Inert Gas Dispensing Head

Ideal to avoid humidity and oxygen entry in compound plates
384_Channel Inert Gas Dispensing Head with customized labware position384_Channel Inert Gas Dispensing Head with customized labware position

Purpose of 96/384 Channel Inert Gas Dispensing Head

This Head was designed for sample transfer under inert gas atmoshere to avoid humidity and oxygen uptake in storage or assay plates e.g. STBR plates. It is used in chemical compound management facilities. It permits to fill and flood microtiter plates and other labware with argon/ dry nitrogen before compound transfer. The Head dispenses rapidly inert gas in 96 or 384 well plates.


The Multichannel Inert Gas Pipetting Head is placed on a customized labware position. It will automatically attached at multichannel pod by magnetic force. The head is automatically placed back on the customized labware position after inert gas transfer.
The head carries a 96 or 384 adaptor plate with 30μl or 50μl pipetting tips. The adapter plate as well as pipetting tips are changed manually.


  • uses exchangeable disposable tips
  • two 96 or 384 adaptor plates included 
  • complete hardware and software integration into liquid handling robots
  • inert gas coupling, pressure reducer and regulator not included
  • needs 1 free labware position for a customized one
  • Device controller needed

 The head was developed to allow handling on Biomek series with multichannel head. The device can be modified for other liquid handling robots on request.

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