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Dispenser for high viscous liquids

Accurate dispensing of high viscous liquids for nutrition industry and cropsciences.
Dispenser for high viscous liquids for 12 MTPDispenser for high viscous liquids for 12 MTP

Purpose of Dispenser

Analytical and research labs for nutrition industry and cropsciences need to dispense accurately small volumes of high viscous liquids. Liquids has to be temperated partly up to 100 °C before dispensing. Artificial feed dispensing in microtiterplates for experiments in cropscience is one example of applications, e.g. dispensing Agar like liquids.


Microplate labware can be placed manually or by a robot onto labware tableau. After selecting the filling method the process can be started. The dispenser pump is heated to a set value. After reaching the set value for the pump the system starts automatically. When dispensing is finished the X-Y-stage moves back to load position. The user or a robot can replace the processed plates with empty MTP. The procedure can be started again.

Features of Dispenser

  • Tabletop automated dispensing system integrated in hood
  • Windows PC controlled (delivery not included)
  • Automatical controlled X–Y-motion stage moving a labware tableau for 4 or 12 pieces of SBS microplate formates
  • Filling of 6, 12, 14, 48 and 96 well plates or deep well plates with adjustable volume of 100µl to 10 ml
  • Cleaning of dispensing system by simple disassembling/assamling without additional tools
  • Wasteposition with stainless steel bowl for priming and flushing
  • Manually controlled propeller stirrer for bowl with 5L of viscous liquids
  • Dispenser can be adjusted in height manually to adapt to different destination microtiter plate types
  • Dispenser pump and bowl can be heated up between 40°C to 100°C

 Installation requirements

  • current: 2 independent sources with 220V, 16A
  • USB-connector at client PC


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