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Cpanel fine custom robotic accessories liquid handling robots, screening systems, chemical bioreactors catalyst testing, process development and optimization of chemical pressure syntheses and enclosures for product, person and /or  environmental safety , incubators and climate chambers

Integration of devices e.g. reader, centrifuges, microplate hotels etc. in liquid handlers

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Device integration into liquid handlers

Thermoshaker Integration, HLC Thermomixer

Integration of HLC Thermomixer in Liquid Handlers

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Incubator Integration, Inheco microplate shaking incubator

Integration of Inheco microplate shaking incubator in ...

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Barcode Scanner Integration, Micronic 2D Barcode Reader

Integration of Micronic 2D Barcode Scanner in Liquid ...

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Barcode Scanner Integration, AbGene 2D Barcode Scanner

Integration of ABgene 2D Barcode Scanner in Liquid Handlers

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Preddator Redd & Whyte Integration

Integration of Preddator from Redd & Whyte into Liquid ...

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Remp LHS Sealer Integration

Complete integration of LHS sealer from Remp (company of ...

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Remp CSP384/96-RS Tube Sealer Integration

Integration of Cutter, Sealer, Puncher von Remp (company of ...

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