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Biomek 3000 /4000 Tip Washstation

Wash station for tips on Biomek 3000/4000 with 2 reservoires
Biomek 3000/4000 WashstationBiomek 3000/4000 Washstation
Biomek 3000/4000 Washstation
Biomek 3000/4000 Washstation
Biomek 3000/4000 Washstation


The consumption of a large number of disposable tips can become expensive. The module offers the possibility to wash and reuse tips on Biomek 3000/4000.


Active wash station for tips on Biomek 3000/4000 inclusive two quarter reservoirs at one MTP position.

  • Pump switching by proximity switch
  • Additional space for two quarter reservoirs from Beckman Coulter
  • Complete liquid handler integration
  • Developed for Biomek® 2000/3000 from Beckman Coulter Inc.
  • Can be adapted to other liquid handler

Technical details

the Wash Station for the Biomek 2000 / 3000 / 4000 series was designed when no device controller was available. In the Bioworks software there was no support for Wash Steps etc. Therefore  the Wash station was developed independent from the software and hardware control as follows:
The wash station is equipped with a reflection sensor. When the Biomek puts the MP200 or MP20 Tool pipetting tips to the 8 wash openings of the wash station, the sensor is activated and it switches the peristaltic pump to wash. When the tool moves away, the wash pump stops automatically, because the sensor is deactivated.
This works also for the single channel tools, if they are used in the right wash opening: The opening opposite to the sensor window.
Control of the Biomek software steps to move the pipetting tool and to proceed the washing process with the pipetting tool is to be configured with Biomek software Pipetting Templates / Techniques.

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