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Customized Tube Adaptors

Adapter for various tubes and different applications in automation
Adapter for 50 ml Falcon tubes with lidAdapter for 50 ml Falcon tubes with lid
Adapter for 50 ml Falcon tubes with lid
Adapter for bottles with lid
Customized adapter with lid
Customized adapter for eppendorf vials
heated/cooled adapter for different tube shapes


Tubes are integrated in adapters to process several tubes at same time or to simplify transports whilst automated processes. In this way e.g.  or 24 pieces of 15 ml Falcon tubes integrated in one adpter can be centrifuged.

In addition, applications often need various reagents in vials on deck of liquid handling robots e.g. Kits for ELISA. The vials have partly different diameters and hights or have to be temperated. The labware has to be defined for liquid level tracking.

Customized adapter are nessecary in automation with tube handling.


  • customized labware adapter made of different materials
  • customized labware for different vials
  • adapter for operation on tempering platforms
  • adapter shape designed for different applications
  • labware definition for different vials in one adapter