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Cpanel fine custom robotic accessories liquid handling robots, screening systems, chemical bioreactors catalyst testing, process development and optimization of chemical pressure syntheses and enclosures for product, person and /or  environmental safety , incubators and climate chambers

Deepwell plates with reduced height have been developed to reduce the stacking height of storaged plates. The plates have SBS-format.  Capmates and adhesive foils are available. In addition the plates can be closed by hot-sealing.

The Deepwell plates are manufactured from pure virgin polypropylene without lubricants for immaculate results and secure analysis. Analytical methods as for example chromatography can detect lowest impurities thus our clean deepwell plates are a good alternative to your existing labware. 

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Deepwell with reduced height

Deepwell Plate, reduced height

Deepwell plate with reduced hight for reduction of stacking ...

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