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Online visualisation tool for SAMI EX

Visualization of results in real time during screening process
Presentation of 1. Quadrant of 1536 platePresentation of 1. Quadrant of 1536 plate
Presentation of 1. Quadrant of 1536 plate
Measurement data of 1536 plate
Mask for 384 plate
 Online graphics about the current status


For long screening processes it is important to check the status online. This makes it possible to decide quickly whether the process should continue or be interrupted. The useless consumption of valuable reagents, compounds and cell plates can be prevented.

Online visualisation modul for SAMI EX permits the presentation of data, summaries, trends and upper / lower limit thresholds to control and monitor the screening process at runtime. The modul allows for quick intervention in the process.


  • database based
  • online graphics about the current measurement
  • presentation of parameter to recognize trends i.e. z-value
  • webased interface to monitor data from your office on the network
  • real time data display
  • well, plate, plategroup or pattern display
  • display up to 1536 well plates
  • developed for SAMI®/SAMI® EX from Beckman Coulter Inc
  • can be adpted to other robot systems
  • customized interface to enterprise databases or data down/ upload to other tools on request


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