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Tube handling at temperatured environment with liquid phases, liquid level and Barcode detection on liquid handler.
NXT BCR on Biomek NXpNXT BCR on Biomek NXp

Pupose of NXT_BCR

Liquid level detection without using expensive conductive disposable tips or image based liquid phase detection for centrifuged blood tubes including buffy coat detection are demands of applications in blood banks or medical reseach labs. The NXT_BCR is designed to store and present up to 96 samples in a temperature controlled environment down to 4°C to deck of liquid handler with Span-8 functionality. Furthermore image based detection of Barcode, tube type, liquid level and liquid phase can optionally be integrated, e.g. for centrifuged blood tubes.

The custom device was developed to allow handling on Biomek series NXp, FXp, i5 and i7 with Span-8 functionality. The device can be modified for other liquid handling robots on request.


  • Refrigerated storage for 96 tubes (up to 13mm diameter)
  • 12 tube racks, 8 tubes per rack
    • Tube racks individually changeable
    • Tube rack tableau including all 12 tube racks changeable
  • Direct integration on Biomek deck for pipetting
  • Tube rack presentation for Span8 Pipetting inside NXT_BCR device
  • Selective tube rack access
  • Repeated tube rack access
  • Temperature range down to 4°C
  • Integrated image based tube barcode reading
    • 4 cameras for image capturing
    • Different barcode types
    • Flexible barcode position
  • Image based tube rack presence detection
  • Image based tube presence detection
  • Image based tube type detection
  • Image based liquid level sensing (glass clear tubes required)
  • Liquid level sensing with ultrasonic for clear liquids
  • Special feature: Image based liquid phase detection for centrifuged blood tubes including buffy coat detection (glass clear tubes required)
  • SILAS Software integration included
    • Pre method barcode reading option
    • Barcode management software wizard
    • Barcodes, Tube rack Information, Tube Presence information, Tube type information and liquid phase levels can be distributed to liquid handler software