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Eppendorf Thermomixer Integration

Integration of Eppendorf Thermomixer for robot system
Thermomixer from EppendorfThermomixer from Eppendorf


Shaking of cell suspensions at 37°C as well as cooled shaking for chemical applications becomes possible. The large temperature range (5-70°C) opens a wide field of applications. The employment of an isolating cover allows an evenly distributed temperature over the whole micoplate. The shaker has a 3 mm amplitude at shaking frequencies from 300-1.400 rpm.


  • for standard MTP with or without lid 
  • up to 1.400 rpm @ 3mm amplitude •temperatures from 5°C to 70°C 
  • accessible by robot arm
  • developed for SAMI® / SAMI® EX from Beckman Coulter Inc
  • can be adapted to other robot systems
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