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Ultra-fast Analytic and Analytical Screening

Ultra-fast high throughput analysis of your samples
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On the basis of the most modern chromatographic and spectroscopic measuring techniques and in combination with an innovative sample preparation, we offer you the very finest of high-performance analysis. With the help of robot-supported analytical procedures, we cope with even the most complex derivatization procedures as well as large sample sizes at previously undreamed-of speeds e.g. MS-Analysis within 1 munite / well of a microtiterplate. And without any loss of accuracy in the results. 

Solution for particularly complex tasks such as tructure determination of unknown compounds in extracts of synthetical and natural substances or developing analytical measuring procedures for product control. Another main focus is determining enantiomeric purity for investigating active agents.

Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry (FT-ICR MS) represents the ultimate methodology for the unambiguous determination of elemental compositions.The combination of high mass accuracy, high resolving power, various ionization sources and an automated sample processing offers a rapid delivery of high quality analysis data for a broad range of analytical applications, e. g. the identification of environ-mentally relevant tin compounds

Methods of utra-fast analytic

  • Fourier Transform-Ion Cyclotron Resonance MS (7.0 T) with multiple sources, e.g. EI, ESI, APCI, MALDI
  • qualitative and quantitative analysis - chiral/achiral
  • liquid-phase analysis (HPLC, CE) - MS-coupling
  • mass spectrometry (MS), CI+/-, DCI, DEI, FI/FD
  • high resolution MS (Sektor, TOF, FTICR)
  • low-resolution MS (quad, triple-quad, TOF)
  • gas-phase analysis (GC, Fast-GC, TD, HS) - MS/AES-coupling
  • liquid-phase analysis (RFA, AES)

Chemical screening

  • high-pressure-/high-/low-/temperature - reaction screening (1 x 8) array
  • high-pressure-/high-/low-/temperature - reaction screening (8 x 12) array
  • analytical screening for environmental and synthetic samples
  • screening applications for online coupling of reactors and analyzers


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