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Synthese Reactor HPMR 348

Small volume scale synthese reactor as stand-alone or integrated into robotic systems
reactor 962.pngreactor 962.png
reactor 962.png
Synthesis and analysis in an automated process flow


The High Pressure Microplate Reactor can be used both for the area of screening and for process development and optimization. Different pressure reactions can be carried out in 384 well glass microplates using the reactor as stand-alone device or integrated into complex robotic systems. The pressure range reaches up to 100 bar, and temperatures from 0 bis 100°C can be realized. Inert reaction conditions and an optimal mixing of reagents, achieved by magnetic stirring with up to 500 rpm, are additional features of the HPMR 384. The process control system allows due to its functional structure a secure, error-free and intuitive operation.


  • 384-well glass microplates as reaction vessels
  • 384 x 20-30 µl reaction volume
  • Adjustable pressure range up to 100 bar
  • Temperatures between 0-100°C freely selectable
  • Reactions under inert conditions
  • Magnetic stirring of each well
  • Stand-alone or robot-integrated versions available

The hard- and software integration of the HPMR 384 into a laboratory robot system enables a fully automated reaction planning and control.