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Deepwell Plate, reduced height

Deepwell plate with reduced hight for reduction of stacking height for storage. 0,5 or 1ml plate, SBS-formate, 96 wells, with and without capmate
0,5ml and 1ml deepwell  reduced height0,5ml and 1ml deepwell reduced height

0,5 or 1ml deeepwell plate with 96 wells and reduced height. The reduced height is ideal for storage of the plate. Due to the compact construction less than 50% stacking size is needed. Capmate available

  • 0,5ml plate, height 20,5mm, total volume 0,6ml/well, working volume 20-500µl
  • 1ml plate, height 27mm, total volume 1,2ml/well, working volume 50-1000µl
  • higher well rims allow an airtight closure or sealing of plates
  • alphanumeric code 
  • conical bottom
  • material: Polypropylen
  • Capmate to seal closely