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Cpanel fine custom robotic accessories liquid handling robots, screening systems, chemical bioreactors catalyst testing, process development and optimization of chemical pressure syntheses and enclosures for product, person and /or  environmental safety , incubators and climate chambers

Ultimaration Consumables:

Ultimaration consumables are developed with the experience of 45 years injection moldingUltimaration consumables are produced on high-automated devices under clean-room conditions. Each lot-no. passes several quality-checks, in order to guarantee the quality of every part.

Certified Cleanliness:

For Ultimaration disposable Robotic Tips only virgin Polypropylene or special selected conductive materials are applied. The entire production process is permanently monitored, in order to produce the tips sustainable free of DNaseRNase, ATP and endotoxins.


Guaranteed Compatibility:

As independent distributor it's the mission of Ultimaration to offer his clients absolute compatible consumables for robotic instruments, which fulfill all demands in value for money, as well as in short-term availability. The offered tips have the same guaranteed accuracy and precision as the original disposable tip.

Ultimaration disposable  Robotic Tips are offered in up to 20 different packaging solutions (with/without filter, blister- or cardboard packaging), to comply with the different demands of cost saving packaging up to the pureness of the tips. Following the SBS-standard, the tips are packed in racks or in trays and can be used directly in the automates without re-packing.


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Consumables and disposable tips for robotic liquid handlers

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