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RoboColumn Modul

Flexible handling of RoboColumns from Repligen on liquid handling robots
OPUS® RoboColumns® on Biomek, Side ViewRoboColumn ALP Side View
OPUS® RoboColumns® on Biomek, Side View
OPUS® RoboColumns®
OPUS® RoboColumns® on Biomek i-series
OPUS® RoboColumns® on Biomek, Front View

Purpose of RoboColumn Modul

RoboColumns are small chromatography columns for fully automated and parallel chromatographic separations of antibodies, proteins and peptides. They are used for optimization of chromatographic conditions, scale-down experiments, sample preparation prior to subsequent analysis like MS, ELISA or CGE/SDS-Page as well as for the concentration of low titer compounds. The RoboColumns modul permits the fully automated use of RoboColumn on liquid handling robots.

RoboColumn Modul on liquid handling robots

The RoboColumn Module is a custom device developed to allow handling of RoboColumns on Biomek series NX, FX, i5 and i7 by using fixed pipetting tips. The module can be modified for other liquid handlers on request.

The RoboColumns have to be placed manually onto RoboColumn holder of the module in the beginning of a run. The modul has an automated linear positioning stage with a slider with one position for the elution plate and one for a liquid waste. The linear stage permits the automated positioning of elution plate and waste under the RoboColumns holder. The elution plate can be positioned flexibly under the RoboColumns, i.e. column F of elution plate can by place under Column A of Robocolumn holder. The two positions can be accessed by a Gripper so that several elution plates can be processed fully automatically in one method.


  • Full software integration of module into Biomek Software Control Environment
  • Action Config Dialog for the modul, RoboColumn Modul Biomek Step
  • Modul definition for Biomek Deck Layout
  • Labware Definition of RoboColumn
  • Installation Software Wizard

Requirements of installation

  • three free ALP-Positions adjacent, see Deck Requirements image
  • one free USB or serial COM port
  • device controler for control of vacuum switch valve or vacuum pump
  • vacuum pump for liquid waste or vacuum source with vacuum switch valve
  • pressure vacuum bottle

A syringe driven system with fluid based liquid path is required, thus Air displacement pipettors such as Hamilton Star / Starlet Series are incompatible with the technology.