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Cpanel fine custom robotic accessories liquid handling robots, screening systems, chemical bioreactors catalyst testing, process development and optimization of chemical pressure syntheses and enclosures for product, person and /or  environmental safety , incubators and climate chambers

Accessories for Liquid Handler for Compound Management

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Compound Management

Multifunctional Low Death Volume Reservoir

Low death volume reservoir under inert gas or for sucking ...

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Self Refilling Multichannel Reservoir

Temperated reservoir for multichannel pipetting heads ...

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Inert Gas Bath

Exclusion of oxygen or humidity entry in labware whilst ...

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96/384_Channel Inert Gas Dispensing Head

Ideal to avoid humidity and oxygen entry in compound plates

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Freezebox for Cryovials and microtiterplates

Time-controlled, automated thawing of cryovials or ...

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