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Tube Barcode Reader for non-planar Barcode

Error-free Barcode Reading on large bottles with curved 1D-Barcodes
Non-planar Tube Barcode ReaderNon-planar Tube Barcode Reader
Non-planar Tube Barcode Reader
Automated Tube_BC_Reader on Biomek NXp
Milk bottle with non-planar Barcode


The bending of 1D barcodes on tubes with large diameter makes it difficult to read the barcode correctly with standard Scanners. 2 cameras with subsequent image evaluation are used for correct detection of non-planar 1D barcodes. The non-planar Barcode reader was developed for high speed and high throughput parallel processing of milk samples and breaks the „spin and read one at a time aproach“ in traditional Milk sample handling.


The automated Barcode Reader Modul holds linear racks with sample tubes. Tube racks are put into a loading slot and the operator triggers the automated loading of the tube racks on deck of liquid handling processor with automated tube barcode reading for almost any type of barcode. CCD cameras read bar code labels on sample tubes.


  • racks for tubes of 10 - 22mm diameters
  • data tracking through datasets
  • barcode reporting options
  • all standard linear barcodes like Interleaved 2 of 5, code 128, code 39, code 93, codabar...
  • data matrix 2D codes on request optional
  • please ask for more detail
  • adapted for Biomek series from Beckman Coulter

The customized 2D-BC Reader was developed using Biomek NX Span-8 and FX Span-8. The module can be modified for other liquid handlers on request.

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