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OPUS RoboColumn Modul

Flexible handling of OPUS® RoboColumns® (Atoll RoboColumn) on liquid handling robots
OPUS® RoboColumns® on Biomek FXp DeckOPUS® RoboColumns® on Biomek FXp Deck
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OPUS® RoboColumns® on Biomek FXp Deck
OPUS® RoboColumns® on Biomek, Top View
OPUS® RoboColumns® on Biomek, Front View
OPUS® RoboColumns® on Biomek, Side View

Purpose of OPUS RoboColumn Modul

OPUS® RoboColumns® are small chromatography columns for fully automated and parallel chromatographic separations of antibodies, proteins and peptides. They are used for optimization of chromatographic conditions, scale-down experiments, sample preparation prior to subsequent analysis like MS, ELISA or CGE/SDS-Page as well as for the concentration of low titer compounds. The OPUS RoboColumns modul permits the fully automated use of OPUS® RoboColumn® on liquid handling robots.

OPUS RoboColumn Modul on liquid handling robots

The OPUS RoboColumn Module is a custom device developed to allow handling of OPUS® RoboColumns® (Atoll RoboColumn®) on Biomek series NX, FX, i5 and i7 by using fixed pipetting tips. The module can be modified for other liquid handlers on request.

The RoboColumns® have to be placed manually onto RoboColumn holder of the module in the beginning of a run. The modul has an automated linear positioning stage with a slider with one position for the elution plate and one for a liquid waste. The linear stage permits the automated positioning of elution plate and waste under the RoboColumns holder. The elution plate can be positioned flexibly under the RoboColumns, i.e. column F of elution plate can by place over Column A of Robocolumn holder. The two positions can be accessed by a Gripper so that several elution plates can be processed fully automated in one method.


  • Full software integration of module into Biomek Software Control Environment
  • Action Config Dialog for the modul, RoboColumn Modul Biomek Step (GUI)
  • Modul definition for Biomek Deck Layout
  • Labware Definition of OPUS® RoboColumn®
  • Installation Software Wizard

Requirements of installation

  • three free ALP-Positions adjacent, see Deck Requirements image
  • one free USB or serial COM port
  • device controler for control of vacuum switch valve or vacuum pump
  • vacuum pump for liquid waste or vacuum source with vacuum switch valve
  • pressure vacuum bottle

A syringe driven system with fluid based liquid path is required, thus Air displacement pipettors such as Hamilton Star / Starlet Series are incompatible with the technology.