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Freezebox for Cryovials and microtiterplates

Time-controlled, automated thawing of cryovials or microtiterplates with biological material e.g. cells
Freezebox for cryovialsFreezebox for cryovials - side view
Freezebox for cryovials
Freezebox for cryovials
Freezebox for cryovials, top view expanded

Purpose of Freezebox

Provide samples at cryogenic temperatures for further processing on deck of a pipettor. The software-controlled thawing process allows samples to process at any time. E.g. cell assay starts on Monday morning and you have to create the ready to use plates on Sunday. Cells stay deep frozen on liquid handler and are thawed automatically at a fixed time for using. The Freezebox on liquid handling robots permits the automatic production of ready to use cell plates over night or at weekend.


In this way cryovial or microtiterplates with frozen cells or compounds can be placed on liquid handler e.g. on Friday, thaw out on Suterday/Sunday and production of ready to use cell plates can start on Sunday night. The cell assay can start on Monday.


  • developed for cryovials with septum and microtiterplates
  • inert gas atmosphere over caps of cryovials and microtiterplates
  • Cryostat with control software included
  • customized fixed tip for piercing septum of cryovial
  • Complete liquid handler integration including definition of Freezebox and pipetting protocol

The custom device was developed to allow handling on Biomek 4000. The device can be modified for other liquid handling robots on request.

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